Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Future

Let's see if we can predict the future for 2011.

1. The Yankees will win the World Series.
2. The Phoenix Cardinals will finish at the bottom, losing to my old high school.
3. President Obama will make more blunders.
4. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi will get divorced and marry exch other so they can push more bills to pass so they can find out what's in them.
5. PETA will launch a campaign to save the rattlesnakes.
6. Western novels will sell like hotcakes in 2011.
7. Hotcakes will be banned by the Government.
8. A Sedona, Arizona, resident will see the Virgin Mary in the red rocks after a vortex experience.
9. Sarah Palin will move in with Bristol and they'll run for President and Vice President if they can find their way out of the desert.
10. Sarah Palin will get bitten by a rattlesnake and move to Sedona (see #8).
11. True Grit, the movie, was originally called False Grit and will win the Best Movie that Changed its Name award.
12. A wolf in sheep's clothing will eat Santa Claus and cause all the little kids to cry.
13. Sarah and Bristol Palin will attend a sweat lodge ceremony and emerge believing they are President and Vice President.
14. Bristol will resign to be on "So You Think You Can Dance" show and buy a house in Gila Bend.
15. In 2011 John McCain will turn 105 years old and make another run for the Senate.... door to avoid Sarah Palin.



  1. I predict Paris Hilton will be in the news and Brad and Angelina break up.

  2. Thanks for the laugh. I predict Congress after lower taxes will raise them again, only to lower again in time for the next election. By the way, you heard it from me first, the winner of the 2012 presidential race will be—the suspense is building—Larry King (he is out of a job and looking for work, and the red suspenders will look great on the president)

  3. Paris Hilton will definitely be there, David, along with Lindsay Lohan. Brangelina breakup? I'll cry.

    Old Guy: Larry King? He would have to get married again, to someone over 35 so she could run the government. Maybe she could wear the suspenders.

  4. I predict some of those predictions will come true. Happy New Year, Oscar.

  5. I like #6, Oscar, but not #7. LOL!

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