Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Jan Morrill's blog, has a Flash Notice that Dusty Richard's was voted "Reader's Choice Best Living Fiction Writer" by True West Magazine. Congratulations to Dusty! (And, yes, it is Dusty, not Rusty.)

Ladies and gentlemen, I will now post my semi-annual list of blogs that I like and try to read every day: Due to space limitations and the price of gas, not counting the cold weather in the east and now the west,, I'm limiting it to five solamente. yes sir, only five, and without further ado-doo-di-doo, the list:

Number one: A Man Called Valance - Comment, like, I have to see what's going to happen next. Just what the hell's goin' on, Cowboy?

Number two: Chris Enss Notes on Wild West Books - Comment, like, I have to see what's going to happen next. This one tears at my heart with the situation with her brother. I shall say a prayer for her this very night and hope for a successful outcome.

Number three: Houston A. W. Knight, Welcome to my world of romance, etc. Hold on there, buster, this is a western blog! Romance, shomance? Sheesh! - Comment, like, I have to see what's going to happen next. Something did happen there two, three, or fo'  days ago, an interview of yours truly-ooly-dooly. Romance writer, western writer, science fiction, we're pretty much all the same  when it comes to putting words on paper and she is great. Woo-hoo and tsk, tsk!

Number four: Laurie's Wild West,, Now this is more like it, a real, live Western blog! Comment, like, I have to see what's going to happen next and it will, pulpishly, I bet.

Number five:  My Little Corner,, Comment, like, I know what's happening next in that Little Corner, uh-huh, winky-winky-linky.

These blogs were scientifically and chemic-.....uh..... numerically and systematically, thereabouts, selected as prime examples of excellent reading, writing and arithme....uh....informative points of view chock full of high points and instructional variety pieces.

If your blog wasn't listed, don't feel bad, mine wasn't either. You may re-arrange them in any order you please and add many others equally interesting and informative.



  1. *Sniff*Sniff*

    It's ok. I'll be ok...

  2. Oh, shucks, David, don't cry, don't cry. I didn't mean to leave you out. Merry Christmas anyway!

  3. I'm almost over it. Almost.

    Merry Christmas.

  4. Thanks Oscar. A nice surprise, and much appreciated.

  5. David, thanks!

    Mr. Valance, my pleasure.

  6. What did you have on your Wheaties this morning? Just wondering...

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHA! We had breakfast at the Cracker Barrel and had too many crackers.

  8. Merry Christmas, Oscar.

  9. Oh my sweet Oscar...I just adore you. Why honey don't you worry - your blog comes at the top of my list! ;-)

    Have yourself a Merry Christmas my dear friend! xoxo


  10. And a Merry Christmas to ALL AND A B-I-G THANKS FOR FOLLOWING.

  11. Mery Christmas Oscar, ya gave me a couple of new sites to try.

  12. Fine blog choices, Oscar. Merry days to you.

  13. Old Guy, back at you even though it was yesterday. You might get a laugh or two out of the sites.

    Evan, thanks and may next year be better than this one.

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