Sunday, July 29, 2018

The X-Troop by Clay Davis

This book has some minor editing issues, but other than that it was a compelling read with action and suspense. The U.S. President Grant must take steps to prevent the country from being overthrown by a ruthless gang that uses technology to overpower their enemies. So Grant tells General Sheridan he must come up with a plan to defeat these revolutionaries. Sheridan sends for Colonel Orsen Ritter and gives him orders to do just that.

This gang is using a new instrument to defeat anything that prevents them from overthrowing the government.  This new strategy includes heavy tank-like artillery that has never been used in a war and is a formidable object to destroy.

Colonel Rittter devises a new branch of the armed forces, which he names the X-Troop to overcome these thugs. He contacts old army friends he can trust to be quiet about the X-Troop and work hard to defeat this new enemy. They engage in battle and suffer losses, but can't subdue the tanks.

I liked the story and enjoyed the descriptions of the battles and give it four stars for being interesting and fun as Ritter and his men go to war, part science fiction and part old west. A fun novel.