Sunday, January 2, 2011

Starting off the New Year

I will start off the New Year by welcoming all my followers and give them a hearty thanks for peeking at my blog and making comments.
Much obliged to the writers of romance who are followers, and here's hoping they find the Western genre as interesting as their own. There is nothing inherently wrong in including a little romance in a western along with all the bloody shootings and descriptions of the condition of the shot ones as they lie in the cactus and rocks or in the horse manure of the roads in the small towns with the blood spouting from some bullet hole in their chest or head. Nothing wrong with describing the romantic episodes of the bloody victims as their heart's desire bends over them and cries a bucket of tears while inadvertently exposing most of their bountiful chests to the hero standing nearby in the dust and smoke. And the hero, already in a state of excitement from the recent events, sneaks a peek and falls in love with the poor woman and vows to himself to get to know her better at all costs.

"Oh, my darlin'! If I had only known he was your husband, boyfriend, hanger-around, ogler, even true love, I would never have plugged him in the chest, head, torso, back, right leg, left boot, rear end, left calf, left ear, and left hand. No, honey, I would've only plugged him in the head, chest, back, and rear end. Can you ever forgive me for  bein' so cruel?"

"Yes, my sweet thing, I will forgive you. I know you didn't mean to shoot him that many times, honey. He was only the father of my six kids, anyway, honey dear. You are forgiven. Now, can we get married?"

Nothing wrong with a little romance in a western. Maybe I'll switch to romance after I get my next six westerns published or mix it up a little more in a new genre - westmance or romwestern or.... or....or...uh...uh...Hell, you know what I mean.

And don't forget to dodge over to and read, Butch Cassidy and the Thirsty Old Man. 


  1. Oscar, with observations like this...

    'as their heart's desire bends over them and cries a bucket of tears while inadvertently exposing most of their bountiful chests'

    ...I think you'd be a natural.

  2. Oscar, You have that vernacular down pat. And top final line in the tale.

  3. You have a gift of dialogue, Oscar. I really enjoyed your story on FrontierTales, and the humor in this blog post.

    Thanks for sharing my blog post on your blog - now that I've found yours, I added it to my blog.

    Happy New Year!

  4. David, thanks. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

    Yours, too, Mr. Valance, but I think I'll stick to westerns for the present.

    Jan, thanks. Glad you got a kick out of it and thanks for adding my blog. A hearty welcome to you.

  5. Reading these old westerns from 100 years ago, I'm finding that a romance plot or two is almost always part of the deal. I think THE VIRGINIAN probably kicked that off.

    Great story over at Frontier Tales. Surprised nobody ever challenged him on that Pancho Villa detail.

  6. I'm reading Hopalong Cassidy, the Bar 20 at the moment. Amazingly funny stuff, with a lot of good action and tension as well.

  7. Fun stuff Oscar - I jumped over and read your tale. Thought about trying a western romance myself. Gave up after the first line---Once upon a time there was this Lady and this cowboy.......

  8. Ron, they were more interested in the Butch visit.

    Charles, Hopalong was a favorite in the movies, don't recall reading any of the books. Thanks for the reference and comment.

    Old guy, Moonlight Mesa is coming out with a western romance this month. You should continue with your cowboy and this lady. You never know how it will turn out.