Monday, June 1, 2009

Finished for now

Well, well, just finished "Blood Runs in the Gulch." as it's presently called, and although I'm not completely statisfied with it, I have run off a copy for editing, etc., and will commence revising those sections deemed revisable. The darn thing wasn't quite as long as I thought it should have been, but maybe that's good, not having to cut out so much. I could tell you what happens in the end, but I'll hold that for now. This one was mostly done in about four months, a new record for me, while waiting for the rejection from the publisher of the other one. And I'm still waiting. Maybe the longer they take, the better the chances of publication, I keep telling myself.

My editor, my wife, has finished with this draft before this is posted, and she thought, "It's the best one yet." It will take awhile to make all the corrections she found, but it pleased me greatly to hear that. Maybe there is hope after all!

I've been thinking about the e-publishers, maybe I'll have better luck with them, or starting my own site. I saw where the e-books have overtaken traditional publishers during the last year. It's becoming more widespread all the time. More people like to read on the net than hold a book in their grimy hands. Too much trouble to open a book and keep a bookmark inside it to mark your place, when you can get a machine loaded with everything you ever wanted to read for a nominal fee. It soon becomes cheaper and more convenient, and you don't need a bunch of shelves to store the ones you want to keep, they're still there on your reading machine or audio whatamacallit.

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