Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another thoughtless thought

I've been going through the unread novels that I purchased a while back to decide which one I wanted to start reading. I finally settled on "Gunman's Chance," by Luke Short. This edition is a well-used book published by Bantam in June 1976. Thumbing through it showed that no one had written anything in the margins or on the empty pages and spaces, except for one note on the final page. It was printed in blue ink with two underlines and read "END" without the quotation marks. I figure that whoever did that was really glad it was finally finished, or just wanted everyone to know that there was no more, since the manuscript didn't say it ended, like THE END or something. He may have had a hang up about books ending and not telling you it was the end, and he wanted to make sure everyone would know it. Not having read the ending first, as I hear some people do, I can't tell you if there was supposed to be more to it, but this person certainly understood it was over, kaput, done with by writing End at the End. Finito, and there just weren't anymore pages to it. I wonder if the person was a writer, and just wanted to finish it off, or maybe he was dissatisfied with the ending and wanted more. I hope I don't wake up in the middle of the night, half-way through the book, thinking I should be finished because I keep seeing End on every page.

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