Saturday, June 13, 2009

Boone's Lick Finished/Still having trouble with pills

I finished reading "Boone's Lick," by McMurtry. Like I said, I'm a slow reader, but eventually get it done. The novel was hilarious for the most part, even though it covered the Fetterman disaster, wherein the whole Army outfit got wiped out by the Sioux. It wasn't as quite as bad as the Custer fiasco, since there weren't as many soldiers killed, but it was a disaster, nevertheless. It was a good and easy read.

I haven't quite got my drugs straightened out yet. I'm still having difficulty with dizziness and lack of enthusiasm, though my stomach seems to be getting a little over it's rejection of food. Food just doesn't appeal to me. I get hungry enough to eat the south end of a north bound bear, but when it comes to actual eating, I have to force it down. So far nothing has decided to come back up, and I feel a little better, but it's getting to be a tough job, this eating every so often. And this from someone who used to eat the 20 oz. porterhouse and about anything else that was put in front of me. A big steak, baked potato and salad was a fine meal. Very seldom had fish of any kind and don't eat much of it now, albeit it makes up more of my diet than ever before, which isn't saying much. I still don't care for it. Of course, I used to wash all this down with alcohol of some type. I only drank water when there wasn't anything else to drink. It'll rust your pipes, used to be the saying. All this drinking and eating used to take place when the ship hit the shore.

Between times, it was a pretty dry life. But don't let me mislead you, I've served on seven or eight different ships, but I had about two or three times over the land duty, maybe even four times, so there was plenty of time to pollute the pipes otherwise. And if I had the chance to do things over, I wouldn't change one whit of it, well maybe just one little whit. I would've kept my weight down!

These medicines I have been taking have been at the direction of a medical doctor, and I'm sure they were prescribed or recommended in my best interests. But sometimes they just don't work like they're supposed to, exhibiting not only one of the side effects, but when all are taken, they may produce more than one effect, especially if they happen to have the same side effects as all the others. Egad! Complain! Complain! Complain! or Laugh! Laugh! Laugh! Whichever strikes your fancy! Personally, I choose to laugh, but all that comes out are complaints!

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