Saturday, June 27, 2009

A printing error or?

I started reading "Gunman's Chance" and wouldn't you know on page 10 was an editorial mistake that had me confused for a couple of minutes. It seems the hero left camp and left his pack horse behind, but on the next page, the pack horse was with him. I know being an editor can be a boring job, but he should have caught this one. The way it is written makes sense, since the word used was spelled correctly, but it was just the wrong word and should have been caught. The word is "leaving" and it should have read "leading." To me, it appears they were in a hurry to get the book published, but I don't know why since this was printing #6. So far, that is the only error found, not that I study everything for mistakes. I don't, I make plenty of them myself and that's why editors are important. I type fast, maybe 80 wpm, and not always correctly. I use there for their or vice versa, cause I'm in a hurry, for example. But, hopefully, we'll catch these spelling errors and any formatting mistakes up0n re-reading and editing.

As far as Bantam goes, I've read a number of them and don't recall any mistakes. It was just a bad day for the editor, I guess.

I remember reading a book by one of the "Wrights", a popular writer of the 1910's or later or earlier, but there were so many mistakes in the book, I never could get beyond the first few pages, and this was in a book at the library. I guess editors were scarce in those days or they didn't much care. And there were a lot of books published where the mis-spelling was deliberate and I could understand why they did it, and I understand the need for editing, too.

Today marks the fifth month I've been waiting for the rejection of "The Upamona Gold Claim Wrangle." Maybe they think I'll forget about it or they just have a slow process, but I think I could decide if a book was worthy of publishing in a month or two. Maybe I should have sent it to someone else, and then again, as long as I don't hear, there is still the chance of getting it in print.

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