Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Illegals/"True West" Articles

I was going through my e-mail yesterday, all of five or six, and ran across one on money. Specifically, how much money is spent to support illegal aliens in a year's time. If the Feds and State want to save money, they should start cutting here. The total for one year was a whopping $338 billion, which is totally outrageous! Everything from schooling, supplies, books, etc., to food, and they don't even make them learn English! And in this morning's Salt Lake Tribune is a nice long article on census taking. They want to get them all counted so they can raise everyone's taxes to pay for more support for the illegal aliens. I say, deport them. It wouldn't cost $338 billion a year to close the borders and send them back. If they want to come to the U.S., MAKE THEM DO IT LEGALLY!!

I received my second issue of "True West Magazine" this week. I'm not too interested in the articles this month, but, if you have kids, or grandkids, or even worse, great-grandkids, there is a fine article on places to take them this summer or whenever. And there is one telling of the best burger eating places of the west. A couple of the places sound like they're a heart attack waiting to happen, the burgers are so big and tasty, but I'm sure they would satisfy about anybody's taste. There is a detailed gunfight by Bob Boze Bell that IS interesting, one of a series of Classic Gunfights that he writes about for the mag. I like the advertising in the magazine, also. It's a great place to look to find something to do, read, stay, or whatever.

I started recomposing, no, that's too elaborate a word, to use for what I've been doing to "Blood Runs in the Gulch". I've been rewriting some of the plot to make it more realistic, at least I think it's a little better. It won't take long to re-do it, all I have to do is get at it, and that's just a matter of finding the time and desire to get it done, but some other things keep squeezing me out of actually sitting down and finishing it. But, I will finish it, other stuff be-damned!

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