Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cowboy joke/Finished again

Well, it's time for an Old Cowboy joke. Thanks to Linda, although I don't know her, but this e-mail was forwarded through the straits of of the air to my in-box and is repeated here:

You have lived to be 71 and know who you are, then along comes someone and blows it all to Hell.

An old cowboy sat down at the local lunch counter and ordered a cup of coffee. As he was sippng his coffee, a young woman sat down next to him. She turned to the cowboy and asked, "Are you a real cowboy?"

He replied, "Well, I've spent my whole life breaking colts, working cows, going to rodeos, fixing fences, pulling calves, bailing hay, doctoring calves, cleaning my barn, fixing flats, working on tractors, and feeding my dogs, so I guess I am a cowboy."

She said, "I'm a lesbian. I spend my whole day thinking about women. As soon as I get up in the morning, I thing about women. When I shower, I think about women. When I watch TV, I think about women when I eat. It seems that everything makes me think of women."

The two sat sipping in silence.

A little while later, a man came in and sat down on the other side of the old cowboy. He, too, asked, "Are you a real cowboy?"

To which the cowboy replied, "Well, I always thought I was, but I just found out that I'm a lesbian."

You are probably sick of hearing me gab on about the book I'm working on. Can't blame you a bit, but there won't be too much more of it. I've finished "Blood Runs in the Gulch" again and will now finish editing, proofing, correcting it for the great publisher in the sky.

But, what else do I have to write about? Not much, if I stay away from politics, religion, philosophy er whatever, the movies, the news, the books I've read or am reading, and just what the heck is left? Oh, yes, there's Fathers' Day, Mother's Day, Groundhog Day, Fourth of July Day, and Labor Day.


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