Saturday, May 30, 2009

A word about the political atmosphere, or something

I just saw on the Drudge Report on Saturday, May 30, a reference to an article in "Pravda" about the U.S. of A. turning Marxist, so I had to read it.

Sure enough, it said in an opinion that America was descending into Marxism at a rapid pace, and not even caring about giving up its freedoms without fighting anyone, just accepting it as a pre-done thing. Whereas, the Russians fought like crazy men before throwing in the towel, and gloated over the results.

And all I do is look around me, watch a little TV, read a newspaper and some things on the internet and I have to agree with the author. The American has been brainwashed for many years, especially in the schools in my opinion, and on TV, and it's all worded in such a manner that they accept it all, and go on with their "free" lives. What has become of us, letting Congress and the Presidents do things so easy?

And, at my age, I say the heck with it, too, if that's the way the American people want it, they are certainly going to get it. No one listens to the voice of reason, it's too much trouble.

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