Monday, May 4, 2009

More on my world

Shucks! I missed posting another blog on Sunday, 2 May. I didn't exactly miss it, I didn't have anything ready to go because of the interruptions. I hope to get back on schedule with this one to be posted Thursday, 7 May. Mondays are a waste most of the time because of other goings-on, but the rest of the week looks almost empty.

I plan to pick up "The Tarnished Star" by Jack Martin, and "Trail of Tears", by Marsha Ward, both new Western novels that came out last month. I just finished reading "Wild Horse River" by Wayne D. Overholzer, and enjoyed it very much, although in parts it was a little tedious, but builds up to a terrific ending, thoroughly readable. I'm not going to be reading very much, other than my great grandfather's autobio, which is long and somewhat boring, but interesting since it was written by him. That family traveled from Dryden, New York, to a place near Kirtland, Ohio, in the first half of the 1800's, and the journey cost less than $15 from the figures posted for daily expenses, being usually between one and three dollars a day. They stayed in "taverns" and traveled by wagon. And I am trying to finish McMurtry's "Boone's Lick", another good one.

I'm still working on my own a little every day, have gone past 50 pages, but am struggling with it. I need to do some deep thinking on it, where do I want it go? What's it doing now? But, I've had my mind on other things lately. Springtime is a busy time of the year.

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