Wednesday, May 20, 2009

True West Mag Comments

I'm back after a good week of running around town and having a good time. Needed the break.

I received the first True West magazine from my free subscription, and enjoyed reading the articles, although I would prefer a fiction mag. There was an article about the Western Writer's of America group's selection of the 100 best Western movies, although the author, Henry Cabot Beck, didn't show the list, but suggested some movies that should have been included. So, I haven't seen the list of 100 yet, but I suppose I might take a look at it one of these days. To me, there never has been a bad western made. Critically, I guess there are a passel of them, but what the heck, I've never seen a really bad one, although I have seen some really boring ones. But, they all have a certain redeeming fascination that leads me to overlook the boring parts in them.

Back in the '30's I saw one in which the line, "The son of a bitch stole my gun," which was totally outrageous in our little community of Mormons. The thought of using swear words in a movie then was sacrirelegious and shocking, and sent the attendees into a whirlspin of argument. The Bishop addressed it in the following Sunday's preaching, reiterating how bad it was and immoral, it would surely lead us all into Hell. But, I don't know how many non-survivors actually went to Hell for watching it, of course. I don't think it made any permanent impact on me, especially the way the actors throw the bad language around these days, but it did make an impression, is why I even remember it. Hence came censorship in the movies.

An article on "Lonesome Dove" was interesting by Johnny D. Boggs on the movie and the actors who were selected to play the major roles and those who were not.

And there was an article by Bob Boze Bell entitled "Photos Don't Lie!", in which he takes aim at Western movie acccuracy.

I like the Calendar of Western Events, which shows the upcoming festivities of the west. If I want to attend one or two, I can refer to the list and make a choice, near or far.

A very interesting magazine for followers of the West.

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