Sunday, May 24, 2009

A brilliant idea strikes in the dark of night!

I had a startling idea early this morning, and it wouldn't let me go back to sleep for the longest time, so I was unable to pull myself out of bed until 4:30 AM. The idea was hilarious and a bit scary. What if mankind had evolved a little differently? Like, everyone's upper body was turned around facing to the rear. What if we had evolved that way? About everything that has been designed for comfort would have to be redone, causing a lot of employment. How wouild the seats of a car be constructed to enable use of the brakes and gas pedal? No chair or seat would have a back cushion unless it was some sort of arm rest. How would stadium seats and bleachers be designed? The one behind is usually higher than the one in front, but that's where the feet would rest.

You wouldn't be able to face your true love for those intimate moments, and in some cases that would be fine, but may be difficult matching up the parts. Maybe there wouldn't be so much time talking about love and such on TV, or maybe there would be more. A person would be able to eat fine sitting backwards, and that may lead to more alcoholism somehow. Everybody would have to learn to walk and run backwards, making for slower sports games, and if somebody had mastered running, he would be a superstar. It could possibly cut down on drinking and drug use, when people started stumbling and falling down all over the place.

I imagine people would get used to it, though, after a few thousand years or less, since it would be natural. A cowboy would have to adjust his balance in the saddle as he rides along, and he would have to run backward when he was running to untie a roped calf. His pistol and belt would have to be relocated, but that would be easy, and he wouldn't have any trouble with the fast draws.

I've told my wife some of the things that keep me awake at night, and she just shakes her head and says, "No wonder you can't sleep. What do you have to think about that stuff for?" And I don't have a good answer.

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