Monday, April 27, 2009

Reading blogs

I haven't been keeping current with the blogs I follow, due to all the other things going on, but I still read them when I get the time. Like today, I'll be otherwise occupied almost all day on something else, the new AC unit one of them. The technician said he would be back today or Wednesday, so I have to be here when he shows up, which means my concentration is down the drain. There is just no way I can keep my mind on writing when something else keeps interfering. You know how Monday mornings go, some are better than others.

When I have time, I read other blogs in addition to the ones I follow. Once in awhile I run across a really interesting piece, one that holds my attention and gets the brain cells to popping. Of course, then, I have to spend some time on that. It usually turns out to be an exercise in futility, though.

I try to stay a blog or two ahead of my own postings, but I feel I'm falling behind. I'm finding that it's taking more time than I had planned on, but will keep posting as time permits. I do find the time to spend on writing, almost every day. which is suposed to keep a person in practice they say. I've reached nearly page 50 on "The Bloody Gulch." Some days it goes really well.

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