Saturday, April 25, 2009

Status of my world today

It's been a terrible couple of weeks when it comes to writing anything serious. Last week we had a garage sale, and that meant getting things together for it, which meant interrupt, interrupt, interrupt, leaving little time to think and compose. It went off pretty good, the garage sale, and we sold a few things. Two other people brought a few things to sell, so we weren't alone in pushing our goods. After it was all over, the remains were taken to the thrift store. Maybe they'll have better luck disposing of them.

We bought a new chair, one that turns on a swivel and reclines, from La-z-Boy. We need to have it looked at, it doesn't sit right, having a forward tilt that makes the front part of the seat too low.

We bought a new Heat Pump and Cooling Unit. The old one was on it's last legs. After it was installed, we need to have it looked at. It's making too much noise. What do I do now? Send it back or get it fixed? The technician is supposed to be out next week with a solution. It seems the engineering of parts was not perfect and the company is working on a solution. I don't understand companies that install faulty devices, so do I send it back or keep it? The warranties and guarantees provide good coverage, which were included in the expensive package, so I may just let them work it out, as long as it doesn't get to be untenable. A replacement may have to be made. And so life goes on. Nobody can do anything right anymore.

But on to writing. I've tentatively given the book I'm writing now a title, "The Bloody Gulch." It's turning out to be pretty bloody after only 20-30 pages. It's funny and amazing how these things evolve. I bring a character to life, and he practically writes his own story, with a little embellishment along the way. The big problem is, making it last enough words to fill a book. It could be as short as, "He lived, he died." But, when you throw in all the facts that supposedly happened to him, it could be as long as a Tolstoy novel, and just as boring too. That's the catch, it has to be interesting and maintain a heightened interest throughout, especially in this genre. Readers don't expect much, but action, action, and more action, with suspense and drama thrown in. Heck, anybody can do it. At least, that's what I keep telling myself. But will it be good enough to get published? Depends on what type of day the publisher is having and the mood he is in. Oh well, I'll keep working on it.

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