Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sequel finished almost and new one in works

I've finished the changes to "Red Returns to Upamona" and the title has been changed to "Blood and Blazes in Upamona" as better fitting. This is the sequel to "The Upamona Gold Claim Wrangle." It'll be ready to go upon news about the "Wrangle", i.e., published(?), not published(?). Well, it will be ready when I print out a copy and go through the editing process, but I'm in no particular hurry as I'm not expecting news on the "Wrangle" for another couple months.

I have set about to begin on the start of the commencement of a new story. This one will be set in the town of Roosevelt around the time of its first being settled, the tale of Sheriff Bill Little, a minor character in "Wrangle", being only mentioned once or twice or thrice therein. There will be quite a bit of action, suspense, and a little history thrown in of some sort, not necessarily based on facts, of course. Am looking forward to see what develops and how it's going to come out.

I've finished reading "Flee the Devil" by Will Cade last night. I had a little difficulty dropping off, so I sat in my Lazy Boy and read for awhile. I liked it. It was chock full of suspense and ended in a bit of bloody irony, which for me, rounded it off fittingly. All the bad guys and girls were demolished, but there were no good fellers around either. It is full of the Devil.

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