Thursday, December 11, 2008


I saw somewhere a recent ad for flights to Iceland and Scandinavia at great-deal pricing, and then I began to wonder, who would want to go to Iceland in the middle of winter, or even Norway or Sweden?

Then I recalled a trip I made ONE time from Paris to Oslo in winter. Due to bad weather we were forced to land at Aalborg, Denmark. Damn! What a revolting development. Aalborg, never heard of the place, since Copenhagen gets all the publicity, but we were just going to be overnight. Aalborg was a great town, good food, good people, but only ONE night to see and do everything. We climbed back on the plane hung over, tired and sleepy, but not hungry, and continued to Oslo, where we would be two nights, or was it one? The snow was about a foot-and-a-half deep and cold, and I remember waiting in line, half-starved, for a night club to open for the night. One thing about the Norwegians, they made you order some food before you could start drinking, and the food was great, although I don't remember what I had, but I think it was something like viener schnitzel or flat-iron steak. And for breakfast at the hotel, there was a regular smorgasbord, all laid out in the dining room, and it was one of the best breakfast meals I've consumed. Maybe that's why I remember it. The whole trip was great fun after all with a smidgen of sight-seeing mixed in to the clubbing and drinking. I even dropped in to a book store or two, but don't remember seeing any Westerns, although I'm sure they had them. Just wasn't into it then.

So, if you want to get away, I'd say hop on a flight to Iceland and Scandinavia any time of the year and plan to have a good time, although I've never been to Iceland, but if you have to stop there, too, oh, well, what the hell.

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