Friday, December 5, 2008


I've spent the last couple-three weeks going through my novel, "The Upamona Gold Claim Wrangle", and correcting all the dialect to the proper English, after being called on it by a publisher saying that it made for difficult reading. And somewhere else I have read that dialect should be limited in its use, but I had to prove them wrong and used it extensively to my regret.

I still have some corrections to make in that regard and will not use it again, except in rare circumstances. And after re-reading some of it, I have to agree with them, cut the "goldarn" dialect! If I had had an inkling that it was going to make that much difference, I might've never used it in the first place. Writing that stuff, it "jist" came natural, since where I grew up about everybody talked that way. We people from the West are "jist" plain absurd, at least this one people. Lesson learned.

With the weekend coming up maybe I can take a break and do something else for a change, get my mind off it. But that never works for very long, as my mind keeps twirling around, thinking about different ways to describe, add, subtract, from what's already there to make it better.

I enjoy reading blogs about writing, the questions asked, answers, etc., and find them educational and helpful. Right now, I have only one that I read just about daily, but I do read others, not the same ones all the time, but a mix hoping to learn more that way. I couldn't tell you the names of them, since I have trouble getting back to the same ones, not writing them down or memorizing any, or many. It seems everybody has a blog of one type or another, and you spend all your time going from one to the other and not doing anything yourself.

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