Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cuss a blue streak!

Well, I'll be a...a....a....monkey's uncle, a blathering idiot, a stupid jerk, or something very sinister, and if I was a person who cussed a lot, I would have drummed up a blue streak the like of which hasn't been heard in a coon's age, since that hurricane we dodged in the Caribbean or was it the night the Andrea Doria and the Stockholm ran smack dab into each other? Oh, well, it would be a blue streak for sure. I just lost another entry for my blog. This is getting to be a bad habit, not hitting "Save" before "Publish Post," and it disappeared into the blue.

I had written about blogs giving advice, and there are plenty of them, and how they may influence a person, if one was to follow all the advice given. And I said you have to take the bull by the horns, straddle the cow manure, and set sail in your own vessel. And that was my advice.

And then I copied an excerpt from my WIP, "Upamona Gold," which I'm not going to repeat here due to time restrictions. Yes, even on Sunday it can squeeze into time available for other things, and I won't fall prey to that, today anway.

Y'all go out, go to church, enjoy the day!

(And I'm going to hit the "Save Now" button first, right now.)

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