Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rejection letters

I thought I would post a few excerpts from the rejections I've received to let people know, if they haven't received a couple, what one looks like.

"......but are sorry to say the work would not be suitable for us. ....while we have no criticism of the writing......the story itself has insufficient action....Regretfully ....we must return (it)...thank you for having offered it to us."

That was one of the more informative ones, and I sent them a thank you for reading it.

"We have decided not to publish your manuscript at ths time.......We enjoyed reading your work, but we do not feel that it fits our publishing needs. However, we think that this is a good concept, and we commend you for your work.....feel free to submit any other suitable manuscripts you might have."

Another good one, but not much to make it better.

"......After careful consideration, we have come to the conclusion that it is not something that fits our publishing needs.......Best wishes in your future writing endeavors."

This publisher was taken over by another one.

".........I am sorry to inform you that we are not in a position to pursue this project with you at this time. Unfortunately, .......workload prevents us from sending detailed comments about your work."

Darn! Darn! Darn!

Those four were for the same long novel, about 550 pages, that I've since torn down and made it into two. And here's another one:

"....We apologize for taking so long to review your work......the results were good. However, .......(we've) determined that this particular genere does not meet our .....needs at this time. ..... Thank you for submitting ......and we wish you the very best......"

Just one more for another book:

".......We are sorry to report that the story is not quite right.....plot moved slowly...... The technique resulted in some repetition and did not allow for the drama...... to unfold early enough. .......the implications regarding the widow's behavior were too racy for our press."

This is one about a man falling in love with a widow who had a reputation as a woman of ill-repute, i.e., she was known as the town whore, but actually she was not that kind of person. She did have a baby out of wedlock for a couple that couldn't have children, though, and received financial support from the rich old geezer unbeknownst to anybody in the town. I was sorry to hear they thought it was "too racy," since there was very little light swearing and nothing in the way of any overt sexual contact between any of the parties. Oh well racy to one is good, to another, not fit to print. Partly my fault for not reading between the lines of their submission guidelines, but who knew?

I have a couple of other rejections for other novels, but will continue to "enjoy" the beginning writer's sad life of rejectionitis and move on.

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