Friday, July 31, 2009

Marketing Plan or ?

I guess my next step in the self-publishing set-up is to devise some sort of selling plan if I plan to sell any copies of " The Stranger." What do I do, contact everybody I know and those who I don't? Yes, that's exactly the strategy. And, of course, use the internet and your blog to advertise it and any other way that should pop up.

I have Wheatmark's book "Book Marchitecture, A Step-By-Step Workbook for Creating Your Book Marketing Plan," which is available free on the net from Wheatmark, but I haven't been able to give it a good read or study. And before I really get into it, I will search for more study material and see how they fit into it. As a novice at this sort of thing, I'll read what I can find about it to a certain extent before I set up some sort of plan. Then again, I can't spend too much time studying and searching, since time is limited (see my blog "Doubling Time").

I've already sent out advance notices about the book to friends and such, but hope to step up the hype as the days dwindle by, and am sure that some will get sick of hearing about it. Over-saturation is the way to go, I've heard somewhere along the line. Don't miss a chance to blab about it, either. Pretty soon, they see me coming, they'll turn the other way and disappear fast. Well, some are bound to do that anyway. Some do already. And I can't blame them, either. I would too, probably.

I'll be a one-dimensional sort of person. Won't be able to talk about anything but it, and become so boring that even the plants will go to sleep in the daytime when I step out the door. Oh, well, I have to do what I have to do. So, you've been warned.


  1. Well keep reminding me and I for one won't turn and run. Btw this is a nice blog you have here.

  2. David:

    Thanks for the compliment re the blog!