Saturday, July 4, 2009

Books and such

Here are the fiction books reviewed in True West Mag Jun 2009 edition:

1. North Star, by Richard S. Wheeler, a Barnaby Skye novel. I haven't read any of this series, but not saying I won't get to one or two sometime.

2. The Dark Border, by Frank Bonham, edited by Bill Fronzine. This is made up of four of Bonham's stories which I haven't read either.

3.Word Gets Around, by Lisa Wingate, a romance. I'm not much into romances.

4. Buried Lies, by Peter Rennebohm

There are a couple of ads in addition to the reviews for books. One of them is a novel by Dave McGowan called Partners, and another one is for a new series from Tracie Peterson set in Montana.

And there are a few non-fiction books reviewed which I won't belabor you with and a couple of ads for some different true stories.

I assume they have these book reviews every month, but can't say for sure, since I've only received two issues, but I always find them interesting.

The blog, "The Tainted Archive" by Gary Dobbs, has a lot of up-to-date book and movie reviews, also crime stories. If you are interested in the West, take a look at it. Mr. Dobbs has a
pile of data in about every blog and its worth your time.

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