Saturday, July 18, 2009

More Art

As long as I have mentioned ART, I might as well list the books I have around the house on this subject in addition to "N. C. Wyeth":

1. "Norman Rockwell's America," Reader's Digest, Christopher Finch.

2. "The Story of American Painting," by Abraham A. Davidson.

3. "The Story of Painting, From Cave Painting to Modern Times," by H. W. Janson and Dora Jane Janson.

4. "The Flowering of American Folk Art (1776-1876)," by Jean Lipman and Alice Winchester.

5. Country Living, "Living With Folk Art," Text by Rebecca Sawyer-Fay.

6. "Story of the Great American West," Reader's Digest, Editor Edward S. Barnard. This one is not an Art book, but it has numerous photos and illustrations.

7. National Geographic "Greatest Portraits." This appeared to be all photographs, not necessarily an Art book, but many pictures.

8. "The West, An Illustrated History," by Geoffrey C. Ward. Has a great many photos and drawings.

9. "Rattlesnake Blues, Dispatches From A Snakebit Territory," by Leo W. Banks. This was mixed up with the other books, but has a few pictures.

10. 'R. V. R.. The Life and Times of Rembrandt Van Rijn," by Joannis Van Loon. This one is about an Artist and has some of his paintings as Illustrations.

I haven't read any of these books from beginning to end, except maybe Number 9, but I don't think I got around to that one either. I wonder how these holdings stack up to the average number of Art Books in a home?

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