Saturday, July 11, 2009

Doubling time

I've decided that twenty-four hours in a day isn't long enough. There is just too much news and non-news to read in the old-fashioned day. I can't even keep up with the blogs I have listed as following in only twenty-four hours, minus time for rest. The day should be at least forty-eight hours or maybe longer. If it was at least forty-eight hours, that would half the new releases and give you twice the time to read everything, maybe.

By doubling the length of an hour, there still would be twenty-four hours a day, if that's what you want, and you could sleep for only four hours instead of eight. Or, if you really needed it, you could sleep for eight hours maybe every two or three days. You would still be getting plenty of rest. And the beauty of it is, reporters, bloggers, and whatever, would only have to post once for the day, giving everyone more time to read what has been written. You could double your absorption of material and maybe catch up on everything you feel you need to complete a good day's work. There would be more time for production, and maybe something good would come out of that.

But, in order to do this, something has to slow down the turning of the sun, earth, moon and all the other stuff that goes into making a day. I wonder what would happen to everything if time was slowed down. Would you live twice as long? Or would it take twice as long to reach adulthood? Would you slow down in reading, writing, and arithmetic, or double your production? Would it take twice as long to grow vegetables?

Oh, well, something to think about, no? Who knows, maybe it will happen in a few million or billion years.

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