Thursday, July 30, 2009

Destination hard to see from this viewpoint

Awhile back, I blogged a little about the medications I was taking in that they were making things worse instead of better. So, I stopped taking everything I was taking except the baby aspirin, because I was feeling so bad. It turned out that I should have stopped them earlier, because they were causing kidney problems, one in particular, omeprazole, which is a generic form of Prilosec. I had a kidney biopsy and it showed I had damage from diabetes and the drugs were causing another form of injury. The kidneys were functioning at about 14% of normal. No wonder I wasn't feeling very well. But, now I am feeling much better and hope to stay that way until the diabetes takes it toll, and this is why the sudden interest in self-publishing. Since I feel I have a new lease on life for the time being, I thought I better get something into print while I had the chance.

Right now, I'm upping the word volume on "The Bloody Gulch," but I'm finding it's a slow process and deliberating on how and where to add the words is more time consuming than I expected, and what form do they take? It has to provide something relevant to what is already written and has to be action oriented for the most part. I may have to set it aside for awhile and pick it up later with a fresh outlook. I have plenty to work on besides that one, and I would like to get going on another one. Like I've said before, everything just takes too much time with all the interruptions and considerations. I can see where it could lead me into a mental state that wouldn't be conducive to producing anything with the limited time available at this stage of the game.

He who overworks is destined to be short-changed, and he who worries about every little thing is in big trouble.

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