Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fourth of July Celebrations in AZ

The new header photo was in the album purchased at an estate sale and this one is, yes, more huge rocks in northern Arizona. I wish they had identified the images, so I wouldn't have to ponder over 'em. I think this is the stream bed from nowhere to nowhere.

Here are some local Arizona celebrations planned for July 4th. Join in if you're in the area. These towns need all the money they can drag in to get them over the hump:

Chandler - Fireworks Spectacular. I hope they don't set the town on fire.

Florence - Freedom Fest - This is the home of the State Prison. I hope it doesn't mean what I think it means.

Greer - National Bell Ringing Ceremony - Every time I hear a bell ringing I'm reminded of that damn poem by Edgar Allan Poe, The Bells. Since high school, BELLS, BELLS, BELLS, BELLS. I would rather it would have been the rules of Grammar or something more useful that stuck in my meat grinder brain.

Peoria - All American Festival - Hot dogs and hamburgers, beer and wine, and centennial activities and displays and fireworks, and two headaches from fighting the crowd.

Show Low - "American Road Trip" Parade. Those people in the mountains have nothing better to do but watch one of the largest parades in the State.  Bring a raincoat. The summer monsoons have started.

Show Low - I thought I just posted this, but here it is again called FreedomFest this time. See, those mountain people have nothing to do.

Tempe - Tempe Town Lake Festival. Fireworks and concerts. Nobody goes to this one, it's too crowded. (Thanks Yogi Berra.)

Tusayan - Grand Canyon 4th of July. The smallest town in AZ (144 acres) and the eight hotels are going to be jampacked by people who will fall into the canyon on the 4th. Well, maybe one will lose his head and fall over the edge, there hasn't been any for a couple of weeks.

Yuma - Annual Independence Day Flag Raising Ceremony. The longest description of any of them. It will include a Military color guard and firing party. Stand back when the Marines start shooting. Sounds like live fireworks to me.

(Thanks to the AAA Magazine, Highroads, July/August 2012.)


  1. I plan to stay home fourth of July and celebrate with Lana and food.

    1. Sounds like a good plan. Hope Lana is doing well.

  2. So dry here fireworks have been banned. We have had several big fires within 50 miles so I think it is a good idea. We will drive the 14 miles down to Fort Laramie and take in some of the day time fun, and if it is 100 degrees again have a snowcone and come home to the air-conditioning.

    1. You can purchase fireworks in AZ, but most cities and towns (or many of them) have banned them in the city limits. It's only going to be about 95 here today with on and off rain - YIPPEE!! Laramie sounds like great fun.

  3. Love that new header photo, Oscar. And Happy 4th!

    1. Thanks, David, and HAPPY FOURTH to you and family.