Thursday, July 26, 2012

True West Books in Sep 2012 edition

One of the books reviewed in True West is Butch Cassidy, My Uncle, by Bill Betenson. His great-grandmother also had a book, Butch Cassidy, My Brother. And I'm waiting for one called Butch Cassidy, My Cousin, or Butch Cassidy, My Fourth Cousin's Outlaw Great-Uncle or such. According to the review there is no new information regarding Cassidy's life after Bolivia, but the book does provide more info on the family and the outlaw with more research material available now than earlier. I wouldn't mind giving it a read to satisfy my inquiring mind of the new details, since he is always a good subject to read and write about. A fine review by Mike Bell, author of Incidents of Owl Creek: Butch Cassidy's Big Horn Basin Bunch.

This reminds me of an old high school friend, who claimed to be a relative of the Parker (Cassidy) family and whose name was Parker. Whether he was telling the truth or not, I don't know, but he was pretty convincing.   We both attended the same school in Utah and he had a real good sense of humor. I can see him now writing Butch Cassidy, My Idol, The Further Adventures of the Robin Hood of the Old West. It would've been a humdinger of a novel and a fantastic movie epic after the Broadway play had run its course, however, he has gone to meet his maker. When or how, I don't know. Just like Butch Cassidy.


  1. Apparently old Butch had quite a few relatives. I guess that makes sense. I do too.

  2. I have never thought of reading anything about Butch Cassidy, restricting myself only to his films. Like Jesse James.

  3. I have met quite a few relatives of ol’ Butch myself and at least a dozen people who’s granddad or great uncle or something walked out of the territorial prison in Laramie with Butch the day he was released-must a been one of those, Olly Olly oxen free days.

  4. Proof again that there's a horse thief in everybody's family tree.

  5. Apparently I'm now related (distantly and by marraige) to 'Buffalo' Bill Cody. Just thought you'd like to know that.

  6. Charles, me too.

    Prashant, Butch is a very popular subject around these parts.

    Old Guy, it was awfully crowded that day in Laramie.

    Ron, or bank robber.

    Patsy, welcome back. Married into the family, huh?