Sunday, July 29, 2012

Unusual Cloud Formation

Damn! I'm having a helluva time getting this post on the blog! Anyway here goes.

We just returned from the high country about an hour ago.  We spent Friday and Saturday in Payson, AZ, and checked out the Rim Country Museum. It was a fine exhibition and included a tour of Zane Grey's house, not the original but a replica built on the Museum grounds. The original cabin was burned up in a forest fire a few years ago. The tour guide said the house was about a thousand square feet in size, and we goggled at the one room where he slept and wrote his novels. The kitchen was a separate room added on the back. Grey sat in a chair and wrote his books in longhand on a board set on the arms of the chair, and his secretary typed the manuscripts at a large table. Grey's saddle was set up in the room and there were replicas of the firearms he used, a rifle and a pistol. There were recorded details of his life on two speakers, just push the button.

The unusual cloud formation comes into the picture with the build up of the clouds prior to a rainstorm. Payson got very little rain out of it, but it rained like hell higher up toward Heber.

Here is the unusual formation. I thought the image in the hole looked like a pitcher or a coffee pot.

The rain clouds are the white ones just above the trees.

It was raining so heavy and fast when we got in the vicinity of Heber we had to pull off the road and wait for the storm to pass and we were in rain all the way back to near Payson. And down in the valley there was only dusty wind.


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    1. I was lucky to get a pic of it. It didn't last long.

  2. Enjoyed reading about your trip to the museum and how Zane Grey's real cabin might have been. Thanks, Oscar. We have a blanket of cloud that has obliterated the blue sky completely but still not much rain.

    1. Thanks Prashant. When Grey first had the "cabin" built, I thought it was constructed of logs, being in the middle of the forest and all, but it was clapboard.

  3. My grandson (age 7) loves to look at clouds and spot familiar figures in them-he has renewed my enthusiasm for doing the same. Sounds like you had a great museum visit, love days like that. Humm clapboard-must have wanted more civilization.

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    1. Cloud images are like dreams, ever-changing.