Thursday, March 17, 2011

True West Mag

Just received the April 2011 edition of True West magazine. It has the answers to the "Three True Grits, Which one is the true masterpiece?" Includes info on the author Charles Portis, and may answer your many questions about the movie.

The mag also lists 75 historic towns, "Snapshots of Old West History," where to go, what to do regarding the subject. Another fine issue full of exciting facts, pictures, and ads, of course. Whew-ee, it'll keep me occupied for an hour or two.


  1. I wonder if they ever give a mention to Sam Shepard's play TRUE WEST...

  2. David, me either, so far, at least the last two or three years.

    Ron, can't say as I remember seeing it.

  3. Only an hour or two, Oscar?

  4. Valance, yep, that's about all, unless I get entangled in researching or something.