Sunday, March 6, 2011


The operation was a success, but the patient is taking a long time to recover. He is up walking about some and grocery shopping, improving a little each day. The surgeon removed a section of the transverse colon which was found to have a polyp out of control and increasing in size and girth. It urned out to be benign, thank God, but his abdomen is still tender and getting used to the new setup.

He will have a lot of blogs to catch up on, including the patient's own, but he hopes to get back in the swing of things before too long. His mental attitude is such that he's not quiet ready to resume a full load, what with income tax staring down his throat and ready to rip his brain asunder figuring it out. It gets more complicated each year.

He says, The Hell With It! and wishes everyone a HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! Begorra.


  1. Glad to get the good news. Keep improving, but don't be in a big rush to get back to 100%. Before long, you'll find yourself at 200%...

  2. Good news indeed. Now take the time and heal properly.

  3. Glad to hear the patient is doing fine, Oscar. Just tell him to take it easy, and lay off the skateboarding for a while yet.

  4. Best wishes for a good recovery.

    Bit early for St Patrick's - that's good though, gives me a chance to get in training.

  5. Thanks to every one for their uplifting comments. The patient will be back to normal before long.