Thursday, March 31, 2011


While I was lying in the hospital having been operated on earlier that day, our roofmate calls and says we need to get a new roof. Roofmate? Yes, we live in a duplex and we both have to agree on things like this. Anyway, she tells us that she's getting a free roof from the hail damage and we should take advantage of it and get ours done, too. Nice timing!

The upshot of this was, we did get a new roof (it looks nice), but now the patio cover needs replacement from the damage, and a couple of screens and some gutter.
The wife says, "Now is a good time to do some window replacements, too." And that was added on. No, there was no damage to the windows, so that won't be covered by the insurance, oh, yes, add some new lights on the garage and replace those old post lights on the patio. So, you can tell where this is going or where it went.
The window rep came yesterday to measure the front windows, and DOORS!, and a side window. The patio man came out Monday and did his measurements, but we still have to get a hold of the screen man. The electrician is coming next Monday, and the gutter rep WON'T be coming; there just wasn't that much damage to it. 

I'm never going into the hospital again! Who knows what might happen next time? No, sir, I'm staying away from hospitals or we may end up with a completely remodeled house that we can't afford and nobody will want to buy. AA-ARGH! 


  1. Sounds like home--one thing then another and the another always costs more than the one thing. But it will be nice when it is finished.
    Stay healthy

  2. OH Oscar...I hope you're feeling better from your hospital stay...

    and the house thingy...well, isn't that the way life always goes? One thing happens and the devil breaks loose!

    Good luck with all the re-decorating

  3. Thanks, Hawk. Nice to hear from you. When the workers finally finish, I know the place will look and feel better and that'll make me feel just fine.

  4. Reminds me of that song about the old lady that swallowed a fly. You never know where things will end up. You got my sympathy, Oscar.