Sunday, March 13, 2011

I didn't get completely away from reading and writing the west while I was in the hospital and recuperating. I have another short story about ready for submission and The Bloody Gulch is almost at the brink of submission. Just a little polish to be added and another proof reading.

I finished reading the following novels, The Man from Shenandoah by Marsha Ward, The Sundown Chaser by Dusty Richards, and The Wild Breed by Frank Leslie.  Three different stories and three different writing styles, but all very enjoyable. Can't say that one is better than the other, although Mr. Leslie's detailed descriptions of the action and landscape left me with the feeling that it was a bit wordy, but he carried it off with enthusiasm and liveliness and carried me right into the scenery, a silent partner.

And I'm getting well into Sea of Glory by Nathaniel Philbrick, the story of the U. S. Exploring Expedition of 1838-41. After years of haggling and arguing and indecision, Lieutenant Charles Wilkes is off to explore the southern reaches of the great seas. Of course he arrives in the vicinity of Antartica at the wrong time of the year, but he will not be deterred. The ships sail from Norfolk, Virginia, and head to Madeira and then on to Rio de Janeiro where they spent too much time, before heading south. And now they are floating among the ice bergs in the snow looking for that elusive land that's supposed to be down there, maybe. I will have to keep reading to see if they find it.


  1. Thanks for bringing SEA OF GLORY to my attention and I'm glad to hear you're making a full recovery.

  2. David,you're welcome, and thanks for the comment. I'm easing back into the routine, but haven't been reading any blogs yet. Will be on it soon, though.