Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Book I Didn't Care For

Here's another book I picked up in Quartzite, The Deadly Healer by J. R. Roberts, #58 in The Gunsmith series. I'm not much of a fan of series novels and this one didn't do anything to change my mind. I was into it about 100 pages when I tossed it aside. There was nothing wrong with the writing or the story, but I don't get wrapped up in a story like this one that contains gratuitous sex and flights of fantasy in a Western.

The book starts out like a normal western, but soon changes direction to fantasy, at least that's what it is to me, where things get too far out to be believable. For those who enjoy this type of story, don't let me stop you from reading this one, but it wasn't my bag of tea. Mind control, voodoo, and scantily clad women cavorting around in a cave is not my idea of a typical western.

My mind is just too set in its ways to absorb stories like this; they don't hit the nerve button that excites me as a reader, not at my age. This is not a criticism of the novel or the author, it just doesn't fit into my brain glove, and for those who like this story type, please, go out and buy it and enjoy.

This novel was published by the Berkley Publishing Group as a Charter Book by arrangement with the author, a first printing Charter edition of 1986 and this copy was well read (I assume), well worn, and about to fall apart.

(No money or gift was received for the post.)

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