Sunday, June 6, 2010


It was early dawn on a day in 1944, June 6th, when President Eisenhower sent a million troops on thousands of ships to land on the beaches of Normandy to finally conquer the German Empire of Hitler. It is remembered as D-Day. Today June 6th.

What does this have to do with today? Well, I can just imagine O-Day being in the same spirit as Eisenhower, rounding up all the oil in the Gulf of Mexico and sending it to conquer the Southeastern United States. I can hear the oil now as it creeps slowly toward the shores of Louisiana. Ssh-sh! Be quiet and we'll sneak up on them before they know what hit 'em. Muster your forces, gather your troops, ride the waves! We shall kill all those stubborn people on the shore, not counting all the animals and fish and plants and plankton! We shall pollute the beaches, the water, the earth, the inland waterways, the vegetables, the orange trees, the grapefruit and lemon trees, the fish, the cattle, everything! EVERYTHING by God! We shall overcome! There will be plenty of backup, too! Hit the beach! Pollute to your heart's content! Nothing will stop us! NOTHING! Pretty soon we'll be in control of everything! EVERYTHING by God!!

And it shall be known as O-Day! The Day the Oil hit the Beach! HOORAY! We shall conquer the earth! The Earth, by God!     


  1. That's certainly a different way of looking at it.

  2. A terrible thing, but a nice piece of satire, Oscar.

  3. David, yes, it's a little extreme, but emphasizes the catastrophe in a wierd way.

    Levity, thanks.