Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jack M. Bickham, Author

I hadn't heard of Jack M. Bickham until I picked up The Apple Dumpling Gang, so I looked him up in Wikipedia and found out that he was a prolific writer, having seventy-five novels under his belt. Born in Ohio in 1930 he died in 1997 in Oklahoma from lymphoma. His professional career was in education, being a Professor at the University of Oklahoma School of Journalism from 1969 to 1990. He is a member of the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame and the Oklahoma Writers Hall of Fame.

He wrote some books as John Miles (his real name was John Miles Bickham) and some as Arthur Williams. Most are Westerns it appears from the fantasticfiction site that has some cover pictures, and a complete list of his books, which shows three series, including one about a tennis player, and six books on Writing along with the others. The last book published was Murder at Oklahoma in 1998 after his death.

I'll be looking for some of hs titles like Dopey Dan, Gunmen Can't Hide, The Silver Bullet Gang, and will enjoy them just as much as Apple Dumpling, I'm sure.

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