Sunday, May 30, 2010

Visitors and the etc.


I'm running behind this week. Not enough time in the day to do everything you want to, so I missed the Thursday post. We had company from Missouri for a couple of days and it was enough to throw us off schedule with the running around and visiting the tourist spots, etc., not to mention all the talking that had to be done.

One of the places was the Mystery Castle, which is getting to be a regular destination to take our visitors to see. But, each time we go it's harder to get to with all the new housing developments springing up around it and the changing of the streets, or additions to the street layout. It is located at the base of South Mountain in Phoenix and I wouldn't be surprised that someone will build a house on the mountainside that is higher than the older one and it'll start a rush to see who can put their facilities above that one, and pretty soon, the whole damn  mountain will be covered with houses. One thing that will prevent this from happening is the park, at least it will delay it while they argue over building codes and safety considerations and zoning and all those extracurricular things. And the next thing you know there won't be any park. Right now South Mountain Park is one of the biggest in the County, but don't be surprised when the payoffs start. As they say, money talks, in fact, it screams when the price is right.

We hit a couple of antique emporiums, too, that offered oodles of items for sale, not all antiquey, either. I latched onto a novel, The Owlhoot Trail, by Bennett Foster, for a mere pittance and there were others which were a little high for my pocket book at this time, that I wouldn't mind having and may go back for sometime, not including the usual Zane Grey sets or parts of sets. And there were a stack of Louis L'Amour novels all tied up which would have been a good deal, but I had to leave them for later.

I will post a report on The Owlhoot Trail when I get around to reading it. The pages look like they spent a lot of time in the sun, they are so faded. Oh well, beggars can't be choosy.


  1. 'As they say, money talks, in fact, it screams when the price is right.'

    True, and that's a wonderful way of putting it, Oscar.

  2. Thanks. And thanks for stopping by.

  3. I have read some old time westerns that talked about riding the owlhoot trail didn't know there was a book with the title. I always thought the owlhoot trail was when my wife got me to go along to the mall.


  4. old guy rambling: HAHAHAHA! I see you like shopping about as much as I do.