Sunday, May 9, 2010

East of the Border by Johnny D. Boggs

It is a rollicking good story, this one by Johnny D. Boggs, East of the Border, published by Leisure Books in 2006. Relating the story of the Buffalo Bill Cody Combination, which included "Texas" Jack Omohundro and Wild Bill Hickok, it takes them through their experiences on the stages of various theaters in the eastern part of the country. The heroes portray themselves in basically two plays written by Ned Buntline and John Burke or Colonel Judson or Frederick G. Maeder. The Scouts of the Prairie and Buffalo Bill! King of the Border Men!.

The trio fail to memorize their lines, shoot their way through the "Indians" by the hundreds, and drink everything in sight. And, oh yes, fight their way through, too, among themselves and others, being very physical and set in their ways. A little slight is the same as a big slight to these gentlemen and must be avenged. Partially based on true happenings, the story follows them through the 1873-74 theater season with all their faults, loves, and whiskey drinking.

Not having read anything by this author, I picked up this one at the Naked Man's Bookstore on that trip to Quartzite earlier in the year and didn't jump right into the reading of it. Finally getting into it, I enjoyed the antics as the characters travel from one city to another and ad-lib through the scripts sending the customers into paroxysms of laughter and shouting. It was wild times in the theater. I will be obtaining more of the writings of Johnny D. Boggs.

(NOTE: No money or gift was received for mentioning this book.)