Thursday, May 20, 2010

Comments on first novel

I haven't put in a plug for my book, "The Stranger from the Valley," for awhile, so today will be the day I throw up a few notes regarding it. Sales have been going about as I expected, slow, pretty damn slow, but it's the same old story - marketing. If you don't publicize it yourself, no one else will on a self-published novel. I use only this blog to do most of the advertising, and word of mouth for the rest of it. So that's why sales are slow.

In this first attempt at a book-length story, I know that it doesn't meet the requirements of each individual Western fan as they search for the story that meets their psychological desires on that particular day, but the comments I have received from family and friends have been positive with several asking when is the next one coming out. The fact that some people liked it buoyed my spirits, even though I haven't asked, or paid anyone to tout it. I can't tell you exactly how many have been sold. I have received one royalty check, not very big, but enough to put in my savings account and use later.

I think as more people become aware of it and actually buy it, it will sell itself. I know this is no way to become a world-wide recognized writer, which I don't care about one way or another, but just wait until the next one hits the streets. I write to satisfy my own needs and desires.

Why don't you buy a copy and send me your opinion, good or bad, about liking it or not. You can even comment on how badly it is written and what it lacks and any other stuff. Maybe I'll take it to heart and try to improve things or maybe not.

Ah, yes, The Stranger from the Valley, I enjoyed writing and reading it.

By the way, The Upamona Gold Claim Wrangle will be forthcoming within a couple of months!


  1. Publicity/marketing is a bitch. I'm readying BEAT to a PULP: ROUND 1 and though I enjoy editing and writing, selling is not in my DNA make up. But it has to become so. I'm playing around with working on a book trailer and seeing if I have enough petty cash to have Kim Kardashian stands topless in the middle of Times Square holding a copy. We'll see.

  2. Good luck on that! Maybe, if she didn't want to do it, Paris Hilton or Pamela Anderson might be interested, or the PETA females. I'm not the outgoing, do-or-die marketing type either and hate to put money that I don't have into something that may not work. I've heard good and bad comments on trailers, some work and sone don't. I guess it depends on the qualilty.

  3. Trailers don't work on me but neither does commercials on TV. So I will give it a try.

    Pam and Paris are getting long in the tooth but those PETA gals just might be the ticket!

  4. I wish you success with the trailer. Long in the tooth, yes, but Pamela looked pretty good on Dancing with the Stars.

  5. Oscar,

    I saw you over on Mr. Valance's blog and thought I'd drop on buy to make a comment...and show my support.

    Interesting post today! I take it you're a writer....If so, we need to dress this blog spot up a wee grabbed the attention of visiting publishers! Let me know!


  6. Thanks for taking a gander at my blog, Houston, or if you prefer, Hawk! And thanks for the offer of help to dress it up "a wee bit," but I like it just fine as is. I throw up a photo once in awhile in the header to brighten it up, but it suits me just fine. If I change my mind, I'll let you know. I have some changes that will be forthcoming in a month or two, but if publishers don't want to read it, what the hay, that's all right, too. I checked out your blog and find it very interesting and attractive and entertaining and instructive and will become a follower. Cheers and best wishes, BlogginCurly.