Thursday, June 27, 2013

Something Different

Being a retired Navy swabbie I've run across a lot of erotic writing (remember Penthouse, Playboy, Swank, and all the other rags and slicks that were published back then), but I never had the pleasure of reading Miss Havens' blog. And that's because it is a start-up within the last couple of months. Miss Havens needs some manly, hairy-chested, males to read and make comments on her posts to aid her in her efforts to get her writing published.

Miss Havens and I have carried on an internet give and take for the last couple of years, which has been a normal and fun communication between friends on the internet. She launched this site after that she worked long and hard on her writing in the hopes it would lead to a better future in writing.  I don't make it a habit of recommending erotica to my readers, since my reading of it is all in the past, but I do check in occasionally on her site to see what is going on. If you enjoy this type and style of writing I encourage you to pay her a visit and comment on her posts. She will appreciate input from as many men as she can draw to her site and it will help her to get published. 

Visit her blog at And check out her books written as Houston A. W. Knight by clicking on my blog page under her name.


  1. Just this last year I picked up a few free erotica books for the kindle. Mostly kind of...meh, but one or two were pretty good.

  2. Well, may enjoy the posts of Miss Havens. The ones I've read are pretty good.