Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Next Novel

I've been working hard, but not long, on my next endeavor. My hard work has been shortened from four to six hours per day to one to two hours and its taken me longer than I had anticipated. I've changed the title two or three times, settling on O'Shaughnessy's New Deputy for now.

 After returning to the fictional town of Hillside from a two-year Mormon mission, Tom Anderson finds himself alone as his parents are killed by the Indians. He gets caught up in a bank robbery, budding love, the posse, a struggle for his new-found love, stolen horses, etc., and his new job as a Sheriff's Deputy by default. All he wanted to do is rebuild his parents' farm, which was burned to the ground by the attacking Paiutes, get some animals, find a wife, and settle down and raise kids and crops.

This book was drafted several years ago and I've learned quite a bit since. So, I am practically rewriting it, rearranging the sequence of events, adding more to it, and trying to finish it by the Fall. I'm partly satisfied with the way its coming along but won't be happy about it until I type "The End."


  1. It's always nice for us writers to see how much we've learned as we go through.

    1. It appears to be a never-ending experience.

  2. Amazing how much changes after it is set aside for a spell.

  3. It sure is, and I think it'll be a better manuscript for it.