Sunday, June 30, 2013

Elvis Presley in Love Me Tender

ELVIS IS DEAD! ELVIS IS DEAD! And buried six feet under. That was about where I came in on this movie - at the end. He was beating up a woman who lied to him, according to him, and had been lying all along over some stolen money or something. The men with him told her to get back home, but Elvis said we should follow her because she is going to lead them to the thief. And she leads them to a cave where some men are hiding out. But no, they are being followed by her supposed boyfriend (Richard Egan) who gives the money to one of his men and tells him to take it to town and bring back as many men as you can.

Egan starts up the hill where Elvis is waiting and when they see him coming, Elvis goes into a static shock, but finally shoots him in the shoulder. The men from town join the fray and ELVIS GETS SHOT and dies with the girl hanging over him (Debra Paget). They bury him in the local cemetery and HIS GHOST COMES TO LIFE and ends the movie singing "Love Me Tender."

Having missed most of it, I looked it up on Wikipedia and got the lowdown on the movie. The girl was his wife, part of the Reno family which included Richard Egan as Vance Reno,  Debra Paget as Cathy Reno, Elvis as Clint Reno, William Campbell as Brett Reno, James Drury as Ray Reno, and Mildred Dunnock as Martha Reno. Well no, that's partly wrong. Clint stays home being the youngest during the Civil War and the family is notified that Vance has been killed. So Clint marries Vance's girlfriend, Cathy, and when the war is over and the brothers return home, Cathy still loves Vance. In the last scenes (which I didn't see) The Reno brothers rob $12,000 from the Union Army. A conflict of interest ensues with some Rebs wanting to keep the money and others wanting to turn it in. It is Vance that shoots Clint because of the jealous rage of Clint over Cathy, but they both got their "plugs" in, one in the shoulder and one fatal.

So, anyway, Elvis (Clint) got killed over a woman who still loved his brother (Vance) who shot him

This was Elvis Presley's first movie role and it made money even if some of the critics panned it while others liked it. It was released in November 1956. He went on to make thirty more movies and all made money, even though some of them were not critically praised.


  1. The only Elvis movie I ever watched all the way through was his western.

  2. This could have been it or maybe Charro, a l969 western.

  3. The only Elvis film I watched was Viva Las Vegas but that was probably more for Ann Margaret. Enjoy his music though especially the less played songs like "You Gave Me a Mountain."

  4. I think Elvis did well in all 3 of his westerns.