Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Man from Hanksville

I am slaving away on my next novel, The Man from Hanksville, and I think one or two more read-throughs will get 'er done. This story is MURDER, MYSTERY, and MAYHEM in the small town of Bluff, Utah, when an innocent man is thrown in the HOOSEGOW accused of MURDERING one of the elder citizens. After being released, he sets out to find the KILLER and runs into more KILLING and MISCHIEF AND a PRETTY GIRL who he takes a liking to among the other OBSTACLES put in his path to prevent him from uncovering WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON. I'm finding this project much to my liking and written with HUMOR, COMPASSION, and SINCERITY for all my CHARACTERS, even the BAD ONES. I am looking forward to its PUBLICATION.    


  1. Killing, mischief, and a pretty girl. Not sure you need anymore. :)

  2. Probably not, but there is a little more.

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