Thursday, September 6, 2012

Look at the Clouds

Here are a few pics of the monsoon clouds that came near Sun City this week:

  It's maybe the Pillsbury Doughboy swimming through the sky.

Is that Dumbo in there somewhere?

Just a few scattered clouds.

 It looks like it could rain any minute.

A man with a torch?

Almost like the hole in the rock in the header pic.

Is that an angry ape's head above my chateau?

All those threatening clouds and no rain, although Camp Verde and Sycamore Creek areas received about 3 and a half inches. Another day under Southwestern skies.


  1. I particularly like those two dark ones toward the bottom. Lots of complexity in those formations.

    1. I would've swore it was going to rain, but it fizzled out again. The formations are changing all the time.

  2. When your weather drifts over this way to the socal deserts, we get those same clouds. They make the summer sky lyrical with floating shapes, and sunrises can be spectacular if you happen to catch the few minutes of intense colors.

    Do you happen to know the song "Little Fluffy Clouds"? It was a hit in the UK when I was there in the early 90s. Club music with Rickie Lee Jones talking about her memories of Arizona skies. Wikipedia has a page with audio clips:

    1. I haven't heard the song, but I will check the clips on wikipedia. You're sure right about the sunrises (and sunsets) being spectacular. Our Channel 3 usually shows pictures of the more beautiful sunrises. I feel privileged to take pictures of these clouds as they are changing shapes all the time.

  3. There's a real variety of clouds there. I particularly like the little creature that's bowing in the middle of the third one down.

    PS any way I can persuade you to remove the word verification? I keep trying a failing to post my comment.

    1. I like it, too! Will check Draft Blogger to see about word verification, Patsy.