Sunday, September 23, 2012


I'm about halfway through Story of The American West by Carol Sletten and Eric Kramer. So far, it has been only about the early settlers of Arizona and their troubles with the Indians. It is a pretty detailed history of the settlement of of the White Mountain area, including the Mormons who were sent into Arizona by Brigham Young along with the early Mexicans and uses some of the Mormon history for certain details.

Am also reading The Comical History of Montana, A Serious Story for Free People, by Jerre C. Murphy. This is an old book published in 1912 it looks like and so far (I'm on page 23) I haven't read anything comical about it. It seems to be an attack on "Big Business," as stated on the title page. Maybe it was just comical in the eyes of the author.


  1. I've gotta pick a new book to read tonight, but it will be fiction.