Sunday, September 16, 2012

Another Arizona Event Not to Miss

On Sunday, Sep 30, 2012, Jim and Bobi Jean Olson will be celebrating another Western Heritage event at 420 N. Florence Street, in Casa Grande, AZ, at the Old Paramount Theater.

This event will feature Gary Sprague, the Singing Cowboy, and his horse, Dusty, who participates in the entertainment. Gary will be singing, twirling his guns, and putting Dusty through his paces for an all-out entertainment bash fit for the whole family Tickets are CHEAP, only $15 each with a small fee of  $1.52 per ticket. I got mine this morning through Brown Paper Tickets, Very easy and simple! Get yours today and I'll see you there at the Old Paramount Theater.

There will be other acts for your pleasure with story-telling, cowboy poetry, music and singing! Come one, come all!

Yesterday, I chauffered my wife, her daughter and granddaughter to West World in Scottsdale for the "Junk in the Trunk" sale. There were a variety of antiques, hand-made articles, furniture, pictures, a few old books and lots of other stuff to look at and buy if you were so inclined. My passengers were so inclined and picked up a few small items to add to their collections of old stuff. The weather was nice, sunny, a slight breeze and enjoyable for the most part. We had a great lunch at the Desert Ridge mall and came home and everyone was happy. I had my doctor-ordered glass of wine and collapsed. Shopping is not my bag!


  1. Sounds like something I'd enjoy if I were closer.

  2. It'll be top-notch entertainment. Sorry you can't make it.

  3. I'm rather too far away - sounds like fun though. Hope you have a great time.