Thursday, October 1, 2009

Old file diving

I'm fumbling around this morning, trying to come up with something to post on the blog because I'm running late. Had to make another trip to the lab for my wife to have a test or two.

 I have a cubbyhole on the desk that now has about a ream of paper, mostly single sheets, some stapled together, that I thought was important when I put them in the hole. But, the trouble is I seldom go through them. Why do I need all this stuff, I ask myself. Let's take a look at it RIGHT NOW and see what's in there.

Right on the bottom are two envelopes from Nov 2002 from Paris, France, a former girlfriend trying to track me down, and she finally caught up with me. I hated to tell her that I'm now married, have been for over thirty years, and she was married for over twenty, she said in one of the cards. Well, well, life goes on, doesn't it? A-ah, the French women! Vive la femme!

Next are two newspaper clippings about internet security dated 2004. Throw them away, they don't apply now, since I have Vista.

Next in the pile was a series of articles on genealogy from the Genealogy Book and those were taken off the net in 2001. I was keeping them for when I had some free time to shuffle through and maybe purchase some of the material. Don't think I have enough time, yet, but I'll keep them just in case. One is entitled Colonial Famlies of Martha's Vineyard. Way back there in the 1600's was a William Case who settled there, and I thought maybe this would be interesting to see what happened to him. He is rumored to be a brother of old John, my great (7 or 8)-grandfather, When I get a few extra bucks, maybe I'll order it.

In the hole was a copy of Writer's Digest , December 2006. At least, it's fairly recent. Must have been someting in it I wanted to keep for reference. OK, put it back, may need it in 2014 or some time.

A copy of an on-line catalog of Mormon books three pages long. I guess I'll keep that, never know when you might want or need one of the books. It's all fiction, and I've read one or two of them like The Storm Testament series.

A receipt for dental work, crown, etc, $883.50. Whew! Hope that's finally paid off.

A Salt Lake Tribune article on CFL bulbs, how to take care of them if one or more break into smithereens. Keep that, at my age, I'm dropping things all the time.

A list of dermatologists needed when I had a couple spots on my face, a card saying thank you for participating in a survey (throw it away), a notice of cancellation of an order for something or other (toss it), some retirement info (old, toss it, too), receipt for my computer (hold it), some lottery info (toss), some submission guidelines (toss), Writer's Digest Special Issue, 2009 (keep this) with markets for magazine writers, and etc., etc., etc.

I've barely made a dent in the pile of papers today, and that's all the time I can spend. Maybe I'll get back to it next week or next month or next year. Might just throw it all out and start over again, and then again I might not, you never know when.....A-A-R-G-H!

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