Sunday, October 11, 2009

Something different

Today, we're getting away from the westerns for a minute and taking a look at a different genre. My niece, Tamara Imes Nicholas, has had a book on the market for the last few years titled The Storm Before the Calm. It's the true story of her young life after high school as she goes through Hell in the world of drugs. She reaches the depths before she is able to pull herself out. The book is honestly written with no apologies. It is an engrossing read and makes you wonder how she could live through it.

Tammy is a social worker with an associate degree in social work and calls herself an Innately Gifted Intuitive and Medium. She provides healing through White Light Therapy. Don't ask me what that is, but you can learn more at her web site listed below. On that site she has a description of her book and links to her poetry and videos. Her site is interesting and she is honest and forthright about what she does. Oh, yes, she can swear like a drunken sailor, but she is overcoming that habit, too. A charming personality with a great gift for writing, she is working on a sequel that takes her life forward after The Storm Before the Calm.

I don't agree with a lot of her philosophy and such, but she is welcome to believe and say what she wants. I do enjoy her writing and comments on facebook and look forward to her next book. And a personal note for her: Tammy, we love you muchly and hope you are getting over your temporary illness.

Tammy's website is here


  1. I have, effectively, linked your blog/book to all my sites. Your link is posted on the Yuku version of "Are You Serious?" right here:

    It is also posted on the Windows Live version of "Are You Serious?" found here:!907A04BC7FA49!153

    And, finally, it is located on the bottom, left-hand side of my own web site's home-page found by clicking on the link you posted for "Something Different."

  2. Well, not to give away too much about what's to come in my sequel, but due to a long and hellish period of cyber-attacks upon me - all the sites above no longer exist. The one I'm particularly upset about was my "paid for" site ( - which became All of my poetry and all else was removed and (although I had paid for the domain through Yahoo) I couldn't even recover any of it. In fact, the person who stole it (along with used it. I believe is still being used - not sure because I don't care anymore.

    Anyway, thanks for the love Uncle Oscar. I love you and Aunt Mary very muchly as well.

    Here are my new sites/blogs (for the moment) which, unfortunately do not contain all the poetry I had on my Yahoo site. and, finally,

    The New World Disorder is rather new so forgive for not having a ton of articles written yet. And, I had another "Are You Serious?" on google blogger which you can find here: - this one was set up during the hijacking of my Yahoo domains. It may contain more "angry" writing so don't judge me unless you were going through the aforementioned hellish period with me.