Thursday, October 22, 2009

It finally happened! What do I do now?

It happened, if finally happened. I continued entering updates, which are automatic in most cases, adding new apps and such, programs, stories, notes about stories, more programs, more apps, widgets, more widgets, and what have you until my PC threw up, crying that's enough, don't put any more crap in here until you add some MEMORY. Shut off all programs, save it first, then try again.

That's what happens when you purchase a PC with a gigantic hard drive and minuscule memory. I said to the salesman that it doesn't have much memory for that great big drive, and he replied, "Oh, yeah, it's a nice PC all right. That memory is pretty big, actually. It'll hold you for quite a while, and when it gets filled up, you just come on back and pick up more memory."

So, it finally got stuffed to the gills and coughed up the notice to ADD MORE MEMORY! (OR ELSE).

I don't mind doing this chore, but it's not as simple as the one I had before. In the first place, they didn't include the hardware instructions other than how to set it up, but the booklet is on-line. And it's all there, all you have to do is find them and then find the section on memory and what to do to add more. And knowing that going through this for the first time is always the hardest, I'm setting aside some time to actually do it. Let's see, today's Wednesday, no Thursday, and if I don't do anything else tomorrow, I should be able to get to the inside of the PC by say, Saturday afternoon, if I don't have too many interruptions. And then I can run to the store, pick up a memory stick (I know why they call it a stick now, too, because I know right where I'd like to stick it), and just tuck it in place next to the other one. VOILA! There you have it! By Sunday, my PC will be faster than a whizzing bullet!

Let's see, how many screwdrivers do I need? Is it a Phillips or a standard or one of those little tiny square things? A hammer? An electric drill? A pneumatic wrench and a jack hammer? Two lifejackets? One of those static electricity gadgets you tie around your wrist? A lifeboat? An air compressor? An ambulance standing at the curb? An emergency telephone? An air mattress? An emergency generator? An air compressor? An arc welder? Piece of cake! It'll be up and running by a week from Friday! No, make that Saturday or for sure Sunday!


  1. Yikes. Fabulous as computers are, we get hooked on them and they have us at their mercy.

  2. That's for sure, Dave. I hit the panic button when I think I've lost all the work in there.