Sunday, September 13, 2009

This and That

My production lately has about come to a standstill with all the interruptions and other things, but I have about got the synopsis for "The Bloody Gulch" finished, whittling it down from six pages to four.  I should have it done next week (fingers crossed). But I hesitate submitting it to a publisher for now due to one reason and another. A lot of it hinges on the acceptance or rejection of the book at the publisher. If it's rejected I'll take it back to the drawing board and go ahead and submit "Gulch" or another one. And if it's accepted for publication, I may or may not send "Gulch" to the same publisher. Decisions, decisions.

I sent out a couple of news releases to newspapers on "The Stranger" and will wait to see what happens with them, if they put them in the paper or not, before I send any more.

Libraries must have quite a procedure to go through to get a book on the shelves, I guess. I haven't heard back from the ones I contacted. I can assume they aren't interested or they've gone ahead and shelved it. I would like the courtesy of a response, though.

The weather here is cooling down somewhat, only 106 on Friday, 105 Saturday, and a predicted 97 today and possible rain in the evening. WHOOPEE! The average temp for the day is 100.  

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